Dr. Annalisa Urbano

Research Staff

Annalisa Urbano
Mail: Annalisa.Urbano@uni-bayreuth.de
Tel: +49 921 555435


I am interested in the histories of decolonization in East Africa. My research is particularly focused upon the making and unmaking of an independent nation-state in Somalia while the region shifted in status from an Italian colony, to a British-occupied territory, to a United Nations mandated territory. Although my research is firmly within the category of Africa’s political history, it engages with broader questions about decolonization, the development of anti-colonial movements, international debates on human rights, the origins of the United Nations, and postwar reconstruction projects in Italy.​


I hold a Ph.D. and a MSc from the University of Edinburgh. My doctoral thesis is entitled ‘Imagining the nation, crafting the state: The politics of nationalism and decolonization in Somalia, 1941-60’). Before, I studied at the University of Bologna. Recently, I was a Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute.


‘Humanitarian Interventions in Africa’, Universität Bayreuth 2015

‘International History and Africa since World War II, Universität Bayreuth 2014

‘Guest Lecturer’, The University of Edinburgh 2013