The Academy

African Studies are among the most important focal points wtihin the scientific landscape of the University of Bayreuth. The Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies is the youngest child in this academic family. Research stands at the core of the Academy, the most important goal is to intensify academic exchange between Africa-related studies and other fields of research, especially in the humanities and social sciences.


On the following pages of this section of the website you find everything you need to know about the formal framework of the Academy - how its Organisation is structured, who is speaking for the Academy in the Directorate, who works in the Management and who is part of the Advisory Board.

More information on the contents of the work that is done at the Bayreuth Academy is available in the sections Project (where the overall research interest of the Academy is outlined) and Sub-Projects (where each of the five different sub-projects offers an overview on their aims, personnel and activities).