Programme Working Group C
Concepts of Nature and Future: Africa and beyond
summer term 2014

24th of April, Thursday
2-4 pm HRS
(Hugo Rüdel Straße 10)

Academy meeting

8th of May, Thursday
2-6 pm at HRS

Introductory Session of WG C (Summary)
Screening and discussion  of the documentary:
Second Nature by Melissa Leach and James Fairhead 

15th of May, Thursday
2-4 pm at HRS

WG Session: Reflexivity and epistemic plurality in area studies (Summary)

22nd of May, Thursday
2-4 pm at HRS

WG Session: Liberation movements revisited

5th of June, Thursday
2-4 pm at HRS

WG Session: The Future of Nature: Between Representation and Preservation

11th -14th of June,
Campus UBt

VAD Conference: Future Africa - Zukunft Afrika

18th of June, Wednesday
6-8 pm 

Public lecture by Dr. Kristina Dietz (FU Berlin), Dr. Bettina Engels (Bayreuth University):
Global Change – local Conflicts? Conflicts over land and its future in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

19th – 21st of June,
Campus UBt GW I S91

WG Conference: Negotiating concepts of nature and future in Africa

26-28th of June

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures 2014

3rd of July,
2-4 pm at HRS

WG Session: (Re)thinking African rural and urban landscapes into the future

9th of July, Wednesday
2-4 pm  at HRS

Public lecture by Prof. Dr. Marie Huchzermeyer (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg):
The Right to the City in South Africa 

10th of July, Thursday
2 - 6 pm at HRS

Concluding WG Session and gathering

11th of July, Friday
10 am – 3 pm  at HRS

Reflection day