Results of Working Group C
Concepts of Nature and Future: Africa and beyond
Summer term 2014

8 May 2014

Introduction in Working Group C
with discussion of the documentary film Second Nature Fairhaid/Leach 1996

15 May 2014
Working group session: Reflexivity and epistemic plurality in area studies

22 May 2014
Working group sessionLiberation movements revisited

5 June 2014
Working group sessionThe Future of Nature: Between Representation and Preservation

19-21 June 2014
Conference summary: Negotiating concepts of nature and future in Africa

by Michael Hauhs

Geographical imaginations of Africa. The (re-)production of African landscapes
by Jan Erik Steinkrüger

Cross cutting themes of concepts of nature and future, Part I. und Part II.
by Michael Hauhs and Georg Klute
Cross cutting of nature and future by Sybille Bauriedl

Environmentalism and African traditional religion
by Nisbert Taisekwa Taringa

Geographies of the future: navigating through risky territories
by Detlef Müller-Mahn

Climate adaptation discourses and rescaling practices
by Sybille Bauriedl

Localizing climate change
by Shuaib Lwasa

Closing discussion on (re-)conceptionalizing African nature and future

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