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The Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies is a Research College within the Institute of African Studies of the University of Bayreuth. During its first phase (2012-2016), "Future Africa – Visions in Time" is the theme of its overall research project.

Founded in October 2012, the "Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies" expands the horizon of the well-established field of African Studies at this University at international, national and local levels. Across a broad range of disciplines, it opens dialogues with other Area Studies as well as with fields of research dedicated to 'systematic' (i.e. non-regional) approaches.

Thus, in its first phase (2012-2016), the Bayreuth Academy fathoms concepts of the future emerging from Africa and its diasporas from different academic perspectives. An essential concern is to engage in general debates about the concept of 'future' through insights gained from regional research, notably African Studies.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding this project and the setting up of its institutional structures during the next four years.

Future Africa - Visions in Time

Exhibition at Iwalewahaus up to 28.2.2016

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more information here, on the website of Iwalewahaus and on the exhibition blog.

Trailer of the Exhibition:

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Kae Sun: Oceans Apart


Current Events:

25.11. 18h


A conversation with Dean Hutton (Johannesburg)

DEAN HUTTON is an artist and activist based in Johannesburg/South Africa. We are pleased to welcome her - in the context of Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies' "Conversations"-series in winter 2015/16.
On Wednesday, 25th of November 2015, from 18h onwards, a performance entitled "FUTURE BODIES. TRANSITION & FUTURE. A Goldendean Lecture" will take place at Iwalewahaus/Bayreuth. A conversation with literature scholar Brian Fulela will contextualize the performance. Do come through and engage in a conversation.
The lecture ties in with our focus in this winter term: The role of images in radical change. The lecture by Dean Hutton zooms into the question of future, body images, and 'transition'.


26 11., 19h

BIGSAS Diversity Lecture

Dr. Florian Stoll:
“Socio-Cultural Diversity of the African Middle Class – Results from empirical research on middle class milieus in Urban Kenya”


3.12. 12h


Lecture Performance:
kitchen table digital diaspora collective  (kara lynch and Peggy Piesche): Deposits of future, 2015

In this lecture performance, kitchen table digital diaspora collective will activate their installation "Deposits of future". The installation, as part of the exhibition FAVT, uses Iwalewahaus’ architectural beginnings as a bank building to carve out the interdependencies of BlackFuture imaginations and ‘deposits of knowledge’. As in everyday life, access to knowledge is an issue of power-relations. In order to retrieve this interred cache, visitors to the vault exert themselves as they descend the stairs, pass through the gates, and unearth the keys to the archive. The safe, this strange cube at the margins of the exhibition space, makes this also tangible: It embodies the double function of a ‘safe space’: protected and protecting. The artwork plays on these notions, and foregrounds future as a ‘deposit’ which can be activated, and thereby is able to empower certain collectivities. “Because”, as Peggy Piesche puts it in the contextualization of this project, “in the collective experience of African/ Diasporic histories and futures we live our theories, work and praxis not as some distant dream, but as something that can and will happen, that is happening right now.”

3.12. 19h


Screening and Discussion:
Capitaine Sankara (C. Cupelin) &
Une Révolution Africaine
with Hamado Dipama (Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus München)

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