Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies / News / 11.11.2017-04.03.2018 - Ausstellung - Was werden wird

11.11.2017 - 04.03.2018

Was werden wird - Exhibition at the IWALEWAHAUS

Growing up in West Africa and Switzerland

“What will happen once I’ve grown up?” A question that a lot of young people all over the world are facing. Growing up is a challenging, sometimes scary, sometimes wonderful process. The question of how to shape one’s future hangs always in the balance between meticulous planning and just going with the flow. The communication project Longing for the Future by the Center for African Studies at the University of Basel tries to find out how young university graduates from West Africa are coping with this process. The project is not focusing on the differences, but rather underlines the similarities between young adults all over the world that are shaping their future. The exhibition is based on works created during the communication project. It shows the photographs and their corresponding biographies in an audio-visual, multi-dimensional scenic installation. In the exhibition, images and words are working together to create an all-encompassing experience that shows the audience what it means to grow up and create a future (of one’s own). With that, the exhibition is also incorporating the research interest of an ethnological sub-project of the Bayreuth Academy of African Studies.

The exhibition at the Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth

The exhibition at the Museum der Kulturen, Basel