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Junior Research Groups

As part of our commitment to implement new career models for excellent young researchers, the Bayreuth Academy plans to establish four postdoc-led research groups following largely the model of the independent Junior Research Groups (JRG).
Led by outstanding postdoctoral researchers who will supervise up to two doctoral candidates each, these groups will focus on topics connected to the general Cluster theme. 

The Bayreuth Academy will establish the JRGs during the Academic Year 2019-2020. As the areas of International Relations and Intersectionality are especially relevant for the Cluster, we plan to establish one group for each of these areas, while the denomination of the other two groups will be left open. 

The Junior Research Groups will be based on competitive international tendering. The selected JRG leaders together with their group members will join the Bayreuth Academy and network with Academy Fellows, Guests and Postdoc Working Groups. They are expected to substantially contribute to the conceptual work of the Cluster.

Out of the four Junior Research Group leaders, two will be employed as professors after five years. The system of an independent research group in combination with a tenure-track option will give the best young researchers in their field a promising perspective and higher planning reliability.

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