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greven Dr. Katharina Greven


  • Greven, Katharina (2015). "'Living with the archive' - The Ulli Beier Estate at Iwalewahaus". In: Archives (re)mix: Vues d'Afrique. Le Lay, Maëline, Dominique Malaquais and Nadine Siegert (ed./eds.). Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes. 161-171.
  • Greven, Katharina (2014). "Hip Hop and Sheng in Nairobi: Creating Identity Markers and Expressing a Lifestyle". In: Hip Hop and Social Change in Africa: Ni Wakati. Clark, Msia Kibona and Koster Mickie Mwanzia (ed./eds.). London: Lexington Books. 226-257.
  • Greven, Katharina (2013). "Just a band. Sound and vision". In: Iwalewa: Four Views into Contemporary Africa. Catalogue. Bounakoff, Pierre-Nicolas, Katharina Greven and Nadine Siegert (ed./eds.). Bordeaux: Iwalewahaus/MC2A/LAM. 84-93.

  • Bounakoff, Pierre-Nicolas, Greven, Katharina, Siegert, Nadine (2013). Iwalewa: Four Views into Contemporary Africa. Catalogue. Bordeaux: Iwalewahaus/MC2A/LAM.


Dr. Katharina Greven
Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Section “Arts & Aesthetics”

Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
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