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Summer semester 2020

“Doing property. Histoires of the Kanga and Postcolonial Property"

by Prof. Ulrike Bergermann

Thu 23 July 2020 12-14, Zoom Meeting


"Religious Exclusivism and Logical Implication of Religious Pluralism: The Nigerian Context"

by Dr. Paul Akinmayowa Akin-Otiko

Wed 10 June 2020 11am


“Iconic Animals and Basotho's Identities: the relational Image of a People in selected Epitaphs”

by Dr. Taofik Olasunkanmi Adesanmi

Thu 28 May 2020, 14-16, Zoom Meeting 978 8361 5007


“Language learning in the Zanzibari tourist space: Some considerations on the concept of 'grassroots'”

by Dr. Susanne Mohr

Thu 14 May 2020  14-16, Zoom Meeting 943 1456 1078

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