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Dr. Anthony Okeregbe


Children's Moral Feeling about Sex and Well-being in the light of the Child Rights Act and Entangled Sexuality Pedagogies

Dr. Anthony Okeregbe


This research project identifies and publicizes adolescents’ perception of sex and sexual pedagogies and how they affect their well-being in the light of the Child Rights Act (CRA). Based on a pilot study of secondary school students in Lagos, the project enquires into the moral feelings of adolescents about some questions relating to sexuality pedagogies, what the CRA states about their rights to well-being, and whether they see the sexuality pedagogies promoted by different agencies as contributory to their well-being. It also reflects on the moral anxiety arising from tensions over conflicting sexuality pedagogies. Preliminary findings show that the social space for sexuality pedagogies is a morally tensed one, and it is characterized by extremism. Given the responses from respondents, namely, their language-use and the negativity expressed, there tends to be aversion to sexual inclusion.

Keywords: Moral feeling, Child Rights Act (CRA), sexuality pedagogy, Inclusion

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