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Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies

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Fellowship Programme

The Academy hosts international fellows at different career stages from all over the globe, being particularly open to Africa-based scholars. International fellows may either be selected among applicants who respond to internationally advertised competitive calls for applications, or they may be invited upon proposals from a unit of the Cluster. Fellows from all categories not only contribute to the Cluster’s activities in the various research structures. They also participate in the creation of new working formats of public engagement, knowledge transfer, and teaching.

International Fellowships

International fellows stay for a period from one to ten months, during which they devote their time to their research in an efficiently managed environment with excellent working conditions. Visiting fellows are engaged in intense exchange with members of the cluster, both in the context of the Knowledge Lab (conferences, lectures, etc.) and via a predefined program within their specific working context. Fellows may also contribute to the Postdoctoral Working Groups of the Academy, participate in summer schools and offer sessions for doctoral students.

Artists in Residence

The Academy runs a residence and guest programme for artists (visual artists, musicians, composers, writers, novelists, poets, dancers, etc.) in close cooperation with the Iwalewahaus. Academic scholars and artists collaborate in order to develop working formats, outreach programmes and transfer of knowledge in exhibitions, lecture performances and other formats. These activities strengthen the transdisciplinary agenda of the Cluster of Excellence and create space for interaction and continuous dialogue between researchers and artists, exploring new ways of knowledge production.

Fellowships for Bayreuth-based Scholars

PIs and other scholars at the University of Bayreuth may also become fellows of the Academy. Based on their commitment and contribution to the cluster’s theme, the Bayreuth-based fellows are invited for a sabbatical of one semester to participate in the working formats of the Academy. They are expected to teach a course drawing on their cluster research in the semester following the sabbatical.

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