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Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies

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Winter semester 2023/24


Mediatised Spirituality: Qaṣīdah and Nashīd for Alternative Narratives and Religious Economy in the East African Coast

Dr. Chembea Suleiman Athuman



"The graphic novel ‘ANLU’: a militant artistic project on the participation of Cameroonian women in the war of independence"

Carine Bahanag



Intimate Colonialities: Public Intellectualism & Political revolution in Buganda/Bergen

Dr. Joseph Kasule



Towards an Epistemology of Craft

Dr.Valerie Nur



Linguistic and Cultural Contact on West Africa‘s Gold Coast in the 17th Century

Dr. Don Edward Walicek


yakubu moses

The Involvement of Elderly Women in Traditional Male Cult and Festivals in Egba Land, Ogun State, Nigeria

Dr Moses Joseph Yakubu


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