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holding spaces

Holding Space for Critical Hope


  • Dr. Serawit Bekele Debele,
  • Dr. Eylem Camoruglu Cig
  • Dr. Katharina Fink

Contact Person


  • Dr Kudzai Vanyoro
  • Dr Leigh-Anne Naidoo
  • Dr Yavini Naidoo
  • Dr Unsal Cig
  • Dr Hakan Altun
  • Wanelisa Xaba
  • Dr. Hakan Mertcan


The proposed working group will focus on sites of aesthetic resistance and their challenges against despair in Turkey and South Africa, as well as the diasporas; not omitting the complicated role that the Erdogan empire plays in African countries. The aim of this comparison of different spaces and their tactics of holding on, and holding together of often temporary collectives is to analyze tactics of social movements in ongoing crisis; in countries that are connected by a number of factors, let alone business cooperation.

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