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Non-Western Actors and Security/Development Practices in Africa: Analyzing the Multiple Relational Processes Shaping Epistemologies on the Ground


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Although the presence of non-Western actors in African countries is not new, how their narratives and practices relationally mingle and contest with African visions, practices, and agencies to (re)create epistemologies and approaches to security/development is currently under-researched and undertheorized. There is also a dearth of literature available on the
effects such epistemologies combined with the lack of a shared colonial history have on processes in the field of development and security. By analyzing the relational dynamics of security/development practices on the ground, this working group seeks to fill this gap by answering the question: What kind of epistemologies are relationally (re)created in the
encounters between African and other non-Western agencies? The working group seeks to discuss the effects practices have in the dynamic encounters of non-western actors, former colonial powers and Africans themselves within the complex politics of knowledge (production) (Ndlovu-Gatsheni 2020). In the fields of security and development, the working
group seeks to critically engage with a multitude of narratives on non-western and African encounters in Africa by looking at agency, controversies, empirical evidence, and (comparative) case studies. In light of the annual theme of mediality, the focus lies on cultural exchange and the representation of and for specific values on security and development and
to what extent these epistemologies are shaped in a common framing. By investigating African lifeworlds emergent in relational processes, the working group seeks to contribute to several research sections and the overarching goal of reconfiguring African studies.

Public Lectures

  • 27.10.2021, 16:15, RWI S58
    "Victimized State and Visionary Leader? Questioning China’s Approach to Human Security in Africa” - Yih-Jye Hwang
    Zoom Meeting-ID: 648 5700 0013, Code: 413545  (hybrid lecture)

  • 28.10.2021, 14:00-18:00
    Workshop - Introductory Workshop
    For more information and registration to the closed workshop sessions, please write to Raoul.Bunskoek@uni-bayreuth.de or Maria.Ketzmerick@uni-bayreuth.de.


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